dimanche 27 juin 2010

I'm 54

Commentaire trouvé dans un fil de Slashdot sur la place des plus de 40 ans dans l'informatique :

I'm 54 and not grey I'm bald. But the good news is I never get called away from work because of an emergency with the children, they left home long ago. I don't have to take time off for pre or post natal activities. Or to watch some 6 year-old in a school activity. I don't break a leg on "adventure" holidays and require all my co-workers to subsidise my recklessness. I don't get drunk every weekend and have "off" days every Monday. I don't spend half my working day trying to chat up my co-workers (for which they're very grateful) and I don't feel so insecure that I need to challenge every decision, or jostle for promotions - no matter how meaningless.

 Remarque de bon sens qui est plutôt juste (et valable dans tous le secteur tertiaire d'ailleurs).

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